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Refer to the Student and Parent Handbook

One of the primary causes for failure and low grades among students is poor attendance. Because of this, we want to encourage each student to be present every day possible. Each semester students are allowed no more than four absences per course (8 in a course meeting daily). When students are absent it makes matters difficult not only for the student, but for parents, teachers, and classmates. It is the legal responsibility of each student’s parent or guardian to see that his/her child is in attendance.

A parent/guardian must call (817-949-5609) or email ( the CHS attendance office the morning of a student’s absence.

Based on local school board policy, parents are required to provide advance written notice when planning absences for their child because of the EXTENUATING CIRCUMSTAMCES listed below:

  • Religious holy days under education code 25.087(b).
  • Family emergencies (written notice whenever possible).
  • Required appearances in court or legal proceedings.
  • Absences related to being a migrant student.
  • Admissions, Military Dependents.

The following may be excused as per policy FEA, but will NOT be considered as extenuating circumstances: Family vacations, recreational trips, etc.

After a parent has provided a written request to the office for approval, attendance secretaries will update the student record accordingly. Teachers will provide schoolwork upon the student’s return. Students are expected to obtain and complete any and all assignments after the absence. The school district shall excuse the student for a temporary absence resulting from health care appointments if that student returns to school on the same day of the appointment and brings documentation from the doctor. If the attendance committee finds that there are not extenuating circumstances for the absence, or if conditions established by the committee for earning or regaining credit are not met, the committee shall deny credit for the class. Students whose petitions for credit are denied may appeal the attendance committee’s decision. (According to Board Policy FNG Local)

Each semester, a student is allowed no more than four absences per course due to EXTENUATING CIRCUMSTANCES as listed on Page CISD-30 of the District Code of Conduct handbook. Responsibility for requesting consideration of EXTENUATING CIRCUMSTANCES rests with the student and his/her parent.

Alternative ways will be discussed with a school administrator for students who need to make up work because of excessive absences. Completion of class assignments and attendance to Friday night detention, may be major criteria in the student’s appeal to the Campus Attendance Committee for credit. A student will have five (5) days following the end of the semester to appeal to the committee for credit and/or serve all assigned make-up work. Credit can only be awarded to a student who is passing the particular course.

A student shall not participate in an extracurricular activity on a given day unless they are in attendance one-half day, excluding extenuating circumstances. One-half day is defined as two periods (blocks) excluding the activity period (block).

Any student missing more than 20 minutes of a class will be considered absent for that period.

Excessive Absences:

According to Texas Education Code 25.092: A student may not be given credit for a class unless the student is in attendance for at least 90 percent of the days the class is offered.

The following absences Do Not count towards excessive absences if written documentation is provided:

  • Absences for religious holy days
  • Funerals
  • Attends a required court appearance
  • School related activity
  • Documented health appointments (medical professional’s written excuse)
  • See CISD Student Handbook and Code of Conduct

Students who are considered to have excessive absences in any class will NOT be eligible for semester exam exemptions and MUST make up the attendance hours in one of two ways: 1) attend a tutorial session with any of his/her teachers or 2) attend detention held on Fridays from 3:30-7:30 pm (he/she can attend one hour or all four hours).

Checking in During the School Day:

Students arriving at school after the school day has begun (including passing and lunch periods) must check in through the attendance office before reporting to class. The student must bring in a parent note, have a parent phone call, or a note from another appropriate appointment when checking in each time. Students who are more than 20 minutes late to a class are considered absent for the entire block.

Leaving During the School Day:

  • 9th Graders: Parents/guardians of Freshmen must physically sign their student out at the attendance office for early dismissal. If someone other than a parent/guardian is picking up a student, that person must be listed on the family’s emergency contact list located in Family Access. Parents/guardians must contact the attendance office if a person – not on their emergency contact list – is picking up their child. The office is required to make a copy of that person’s driver’s license in order for the student to be released in their care.
  • 10th Graders: Sophomore students must sign out in the office with a note from their parent/guardian which may be verified by a parent phone call. Many sophomores drive, therefore their departure policy is different from freshmen. With written parent/guardian notice only, 10th graders may sign themselves out for early dismissal. This parental note must be signed and dated and dropped off at the attendance office first thing in the morning. We will then provide the student with a pass so they can return to the attendance office at the early dismissal time to sign-out and exit the campus.

Reminders for Students and Parents:

  • Students, who have been absent for any reason, are required to make up the work they missed within the specified time. (Students are allowed one day “make-up” time for each day of excused absence). Failure to make up work in a timely fashion may result in a reduction of the student’s grade.
  • Students who are absent from school for a full day will not be allowed to participate in school-related activities on that day or evening unless approved by the principal or the principal’s designee.
  • Students who are absent from school or from any class without permission will be considered truant and will be subject to disciplinary action.
  • Students who arrive less than 20 minutes late to any class are considered tardy and will be subject to the consequences outlined in the tardy policy.
  • Students who arrive more than 20 minutes late to any class are considered absent for the class they’re arriving late to.
  • Students who become ill during the school day should report to the school nurse with the teacher’s permission.
  • All policies shall follow CISD Grade and Reporting Handbook.
  • The nurse will decide if a student should be sent home and will notify the student’s parent. This also applies to students who come on campus and then decide to leave the campus before class begins.

Steps to Follow When Absent:

  1. A parent/guardian must call (817-949-5609) or email ( the CHS attendance office the morning of a student’s absence.
  2. A parent/guardian’s written note or email must include the student’s name, date of return, day(s) absence, reason for absence, and the parent’s signature. Written notes may be verified by phone.
  3. The student should present his/her written excuse signed by a parent/guardian or medical professional to the office immediately upon returning.
  4. Students should ask their teachers for make-up assignments. Assignments that are not made up will be reflected in their grades. Each student is responsible for seeing that all make up work is completed.
  5. Students are encouraged to use CANVAS as their teacher/assignment communication tool. If required, assignments may be requested by parents/guardians before 10:00 a.m. on the third day a student is absent. Work may be picked up after 3:30 p.m. the third day.

Make-Up Work for Absences:

When students are absent, the work can be made up; however, the level of learning will not be the same as when the student has the opportunity to interact with teachers and classmates.

Students are responsible for asking all their teachers for make-up assignments. Students are allowed one day “make-up” time for each day of absence.

If CANVAS is not available to student: After three consecutive days of absence, due to illness, homework may be requested by the parent/guardian. It will be sent to our office daily for collection by the parent at the end of the day.

Communicable Diseases:

Parents of a student with a communicable or contagious disease or condition are asked to telephone the school nurse so that other students who have been exposed to the disease can be alerted. A student who has certain diseases is not allowed to come to school while the disease is contagious.

Illness During the School Day:

If a student becomes ill during the school day, he/she must report to the nurse’s office. A student who becomes ill and does not report to the nurse or main office but goes elsewhere or leaves school without checking out will be considered truant from classes missed.

CHS Tardy Policy:

Students who are tardy to school (not in the classroom by 8:00am) are required to report to the attendance window for a pass. No student will be admitted into class without a pass from the attendance office. Please note that any student who is late more than 20 minutes to any class will be counted absent for the entire period. Since instructional time is crucial to student success, it is important that class begin on time with no interruptions. Students should plan their activities during the 12-minute passing period so they are in class and prepared for the lesson to begin when the tardy bell rings. Students will be allowed three tardies per class per grading period. Upon the fourth tardy in the class during a grading period, the student will be referred to the office where they will be assigned disciplinary consequences. Subsequent tardies will result in further disciplinary actions.

Consequences for Tardies to Each Class:

4th tardy 2 hours Friday night detention hall.

5th tardy 2 hours Friday night detention hall.

6th tardy 4 hours Friday night detention hall and parent phone conference.

7th tardy 4 hours Friday night detention hall and mandatory parent conference.


A student who is truant may be assigned discipline, such as CHIP after-school or Friday Night Live.

A student more than twenty (20) minutes late to any class (without Parent/Guardian/Doctor notice) is truant and may be assigned to detention after school.