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Naviance Login Link:

Need help logging in?  Check out this video: VIDEO: How to log into Naviance


Logging Community Service Hours:

Below are screen shots and a video to show you how to access and log community service hours through X2VOL.  X2VOL is a secondary program that is linked and accessed through Naviance.  With Naviance’s recent dashboard update, the X2VOL link is now located elsewhere.  Please refer to the screen shots to see where to access X2VOL.  Then use the video to walk you through how to log hours in X2VOL.

Once you log into Naviance, your dashboard will look something like this.  At the top right-hand corner, there is a “Welcome to Naviance” announcement which provides instruction on where to find the X2VOL link.

At the top, select the “Careers” tab, and there you will see the X2VOL link under the “Experiential Exploration” section. 

From there, you will be directed to X2VOL where you will have to register/link your account if this is your first time visiting the site.  If you have already registered/linked your account, then you will be directed to your X2VOL dashboard.  

Use the following video to show you how to register/link your account and start logging in those hours:
VIDEO: How to log community service hours in Naviance x2VOL

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