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Community Service Guidelines

Reporting Hours for Community Service

Log into Naviance at

  • Click on the X2VOL tab. The first-time students do this, they will need to set up their account. To begin recording hours, look on your dashboard homepage and click on the green “Add Hours” then “Create New.”
  • YOU DO NOT NEED TO CREATE AN ENTRY EVERY TIME YOU VOLUNTEER. For example, for “Activity Name,” you may type “North Texas Humane Society,” then type what you did in the “Project Description” box. Scroll down to “Activity Contact” and type in the name of the sponsor who can confirm your hours. For phone number, enter the counseling office phone number 817-949-5814 (DO NOT TYPE IN AN EMAIL ADDRESS). List the last date you served and select the total number of combined hours during that time period. Please provide a brief description as to what you did.
  • Be sure to click on the “Organization Goals” then select “Apply to All Non-Exclusive Goals” and the honesty statement before you hit “Submit.”
  • Our Counseling Office secretary, Mrs. Shela Daniel, will monitor and approve the community service hours about every 4-6 weeks. If you have applied your hours correctly in the “Apply to All Non-Exclusive Goals,” you will receive an email from Mrs. Shela Daniel.
  • If your hours have been denied, you will receive an email explaining why the hours were denied. If you receive an email stating that your hours have been denied and have questions, email


  • Deadline to be considered for Success Scholar recognition is MAY 1ST OF SENIOR YEAR. ALL hours (100 minimum) MUST BE ENTERED AND APPROVED PRIOR TO MAY 1.  Any hours submitted after May 1, will not be approved or counted towards the Success Scholar.
  • Service hours must be provided for nonprofit organizations.
  • Service hours may not be completed during the student’s school day.
  • No more than 25 hours of donations that are purchased (Thanksgiving Baskets, Christmas is for Kids, dog food, etc.) or clothing donations may be applied towards the hours required for the Success Scholar goal. All remaining hours must be performed for nonprofit organizations.
    • Hours for Monetary Donations
      • $10 = 1 hour
      • $20 = 2 hours
      • $30 = 3 hours
      • $40 = 4 hours
      • $50 = 5 hours
    • Hours for clothing donations will be determined by the sponsor of the club organizing the clothing drive.
    • Service hours mandated through Teen Court for citations are excluded.
    • Activities for which a student receives direct benefit or compensation/pay are excluded (i.e. fundraising for a field trip, special training, internships, etc.).
    • If you have any questions, please contact Shela Daniel, or 817.949.5814.

Ideas for Virtual Volunteering

What Qualifies or Does Not Qualify as Community Service?