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CHS/CSHS Daily Schedule Adjustment Update
On Monday, June 24, 2024, the CISD Board of Trustees voted to extend the school day at Carroll High School and Carroll Senior High School from 8am -3:21pm to 8am -3:30pm. This addition of 9 minutes is to satisfy a proposed change made by the TEA CTE Division. The proposed change states that “to receive CTE weighted funding, course periods must be an average of minimum of 45 minutes a day, including pep rallies, assemblies, modified bell schedules, etc., for the calendar year.” In order to meet this minimum, Carroll High School and Carroll Senior High School have adjusted their daily schedule.

This state level proposed change to CTE weighted funding is open for public comment June 21 – July 22. If you would like to voice your concerns or feedback regarding the proposed change, you can visit this link to submit your comments